Shandong New Hemodialysis Hospital Settled in Changqing District, Jinan City

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Kidney is an important organ of human body, and its basic function is to generate urine, so as to remove metabolites and some wastes and poisons in the body, while retaining water and other useful substances such as glucose and protein through reabsorption. Due to acute or chronic renal failure which prevent their kidneys from detoxifying the body, some people can only rely on artificial renal replacement therapy. At present, hemodialysis is the first choice for the treatment of end-stage renal disease in our country. There are about 2 million patients with end-stage kidney disease in our country, while the number of dialysis patients is only 300,000.

With the implementation of medical insurance for serious diseases in various places and a series of policies issued by the government to encourage the construction of private hemodialysis centers, DaVita(Shandong) Kidney Disease Hospital was formally established In 2002 and the hemodialysis room was officially put into use. Up to now, the dialysis room has successfully carried out nearly 700 hemodialysis treatments. And the dialysis room has imported blood purification machines worth more than 10 million yuan. Through artificial renal replacement therapy, services are provided for patients with acute and chronic renal failure.

Dean Zhang Xiaoyi introduced that the hemodialysis room is a place where hemodialysis is used to perform renal replacement therapy for patients with chronic renal failure or acute renal failure due to related diseases. Through hemodialysis treatment, the body can remove metabolic waste, discharge excess water from the body, correct electrolyte and acid-base imbalances, and partially or completely restore kidney function. At present, in addition to routine hemodialysis, our hospital has also carried out various blood purification treatments such as hemofiltration, hemodiafiltration and hemoperfusion, etc.

DaVita(Shandong) Kidney Disease Hospital has been established for 17 years

Established in 2002, Davita Kidney Disease Hospital has developed into an international modern large-scale hospital specialize in uremia dialysis after 17 years. As a specialized kidney dialysis center, our hospital has affiliated hemodialysis centers both in Changqing District and Tianqiao District. Relying on the construction of nephrology department, our hemodialysis centers has a warm and comfortable environment and a professional medical team. All the medical staff have received formal training and have rich blood purification knowledge and clinical experience.

DaVita(Shandong) Kidney Disease Hospital has professional equipment to improve patients' life quality

Our hospital is equipped with advanced water treatment equipment and hemodialysis machine imported from Raul of Germany, and a Fresenius CRRT dialysis machine which was imported with huge investment. Our hospital can carry out various blood purification technology projects currently carried out in China, such as hemodialysis, hemofiltration, hemodiafiltration, continuous blood purification, etc. And it has advanced management level, continuous improvement of quality, exquisite technical level and rich experience.

About DaVita:

DaVita is the dialysis department of DaVita HealthCare Partners Inc, a Fortune 500 coporation in the world. It is committed to providing various medical care services for patients in the United States and around the world, and improving the life quality of patients by reforming clinical care, providing comprehensive treatment plans, individualized nursing teams and convenient health management services.

DaVita has carried out or provided management services in 1954 outpatient dialysis centers in the United States, receiving a total of about 183,000 patients. In addition, the company has outpatient dialysis centers in 11 countries around the world, with 50000 employees, In the past ten years or so, the clinical effect of Davita has been continuously improveddedicated to providing excellent patient care and practicing the company's core values.

DaVita is Italian, meaning "life-giving person", which is exactly our mission. We bring life to the patients who have lost hope, bring smile to the patients who are sad, and are proud to be a member of the greatest health care community in the world!