Colorful diced chicken


1. Wash and dice chicken breast, and then marinate it with salt, rice wine and corn starch.

2. Wash and dice carrots, put peas and sweet corn kernels in boiling water for 2-3 minutes.

3. Pour oil into the pot to heat, then put the chicken breast into the pot, gently stir-fry it until the color becomes white.

4. Put carrots, corn kernels, peas into oil, and add salt and rice wine and stir-fry them.

5. Finally, put the chicken breast into the pot, add a little salt to stir-fry, and then out of the pot to serve.


340g chicken breast, 155g sweet corn kernels, 40g carrots, 45g peas, 3g salt, 10ml rice wine, 8g corn starch, and 30ml vegetable oil.