Carry out Fire Safety Knowledge Training in the Whole Hospital to Enhance Relevant Awareness

Time: 2020-08-03Browse times: times

On June 10, DaVita (Shandong) Kidney Disease Hospital carried out fire safety knowledge training in order to improve the fire safety awareness of hospital staff and the emergency response ability correctly handle fire and other emergencies. President Li Jiaping conducted preliminary fire training for new employees, and invited staff officer Wen Changlun of Qinzhou City fire detachment to give lectures to the staff. More than 10 representatives of medical personnel from various departments of the hospital attended the training.

The whole training is illustrated with pictures and texts. With news reports, accident analysis and other means, it played and explained the example videos of many major fire accidents in recent years. The shocking pictures have greatly shocked all the representatives, making them deeply realized the importance of learning and applying fire knowledge. Whats more, the officer himself demonstrated the ways to use fire escape masks and water base fire extinguishers.

In addition, according to the actual situation of our hospital, combined with the knowledge of electricity, gas and fire in work and life, officer Wen introduced the source of the accident and relevant harm, and explained in detail the skills of self-protection, self-rescue and escape from fire.

This training has greatly benefited everyone. All the hospital staff has deeply realized the importance of fire safety, further consolidated and improved the awareness of it and enhanced their ability to resist fires. In the process of explanation, vivid and practical fire safety knowledge was closely combined with our daily life, making everyone deeply understood that fire safety is closely related to themselves and it is importance to know and master fire safety knowledge.

This training has enhanced the staffs awareness of fire safety and achieved the intended effect.