In Response to the Call of the State to Learn the Advanced Deeds of Rising out of Poverty through Self-improvement and Helping the Disabled out of Poverty

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According to the notice spirit of the Citys Disabled Persons Federations "Notice on Organizing to Watch the National Network Report on Advanced Deeds of Rising out of Poverty through Self-improvement and Helping the Disabled out of Poverty ", on the morning of May 15, DaVita (Shandong) Kidney Disease Hospital organized employees to watch the live broadcast of the report through the network in the conference room.

As one of the important activities of this year's National Day of the Disabled Persons, this report is jointly organized by the China Disabled Persons' Federation, the Central Propaganda Department, the Central Civilization Office, the Poverty Alleviation Office of the State Council, the All-China Federation of Trade Unions, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League and the All-China Women's Federation. Six representatives of advanced deeds-reporting group from Jilin, Anhui, Guangxi, Yunnan, Qinghai, Fujian and other provinces focused on the theme of this year's National Day of Disabled Persons, "Helping the Disabled Out of Poverty and Winning a Well-off Society", told the story about their rising out of poverty through self-improvement and helping the disabled out of poverty. They showed the glorious image of the disabled who are constantly striving for self-improvement and forge ahead, conveyed the spiritual strength of being positive and rising in great vigor, explained the spiritual outlook of "self-improvement and self-reliance, poverty alleviation with glory" and set an example for every DaVita employee watching the live broadcast.

After watching, everyone said that we must thoroughly implement general secretary Xi Jinping's important statement on poverty alleviation and the instructions on poverty alleviation of the disabled, strengthen dialysis training, continuously improve the standards and levels of dialysis services for the disabled. In addition, we will learn from the advanced models nationwide of rising out of poverty through self-improvement and helping the disabled out of poverty, provide more professional services with high quality for disabled patients and their families under nephrotic dialysis, which will help them achieve different wonderful lives.

Meet the fire safety inspection and firmly build a safety firewall

In order to ensure the smooth operation of the hospital's fire safety work and improve the staffs ability to deal with emergencies, Jinan's fire safety department conducted a fire safety inspection in our hospital at 3 pm on June 16. And President Li led the inspection team to record the fire situation of our hospital.

The inspection team first made an in-depth understanding of the post responsibility implementation of the personnel in the hospital fire control room and micro fire station, daily inspection, duty records, fire drills, safety training and equipment operation. Then the team focused on the inspection of fire facilities and equipment, evacuation routes, on-site fire safety management and fire prevention supplies, and carried out fire safety drill on the fourth floor of the outpatient building with the cooperation of President Li and the engineering department.

During the inspection, the fire brigade focused on the formulation and drills of hospital fire-fighting and emergency evacuation plans, whether the fire-fighting facilities and equipment are kept in good condition, the safety exits and evacuation routes are unblocked, the evacuation signs and emergency lighting are in natural service, the unit's fire safety management system and fire inspection system are implemented, and the employees have received fire-fighting training, etc. The hospital was required by the fire department requires to do a good job in fire supervision and emergency preparedness to ensure no smoke or fire in hospital, Strictly implement the fire inspection system, strengthen self-examination and self-correction efforts, so as to eliminate all kinds of fire potentials. Meanwhile, we were fully affirmed by the fire inspection team for the hospital's fire safety work during this fire inspection.

This fire safety inspection will further improve the fire safety work in all regions of the hospital and promote the safety level in production. Fire safety work will never be ended. And our hospital will take this major safety inspection as an opportunity to solve the problems and seriously carry out actions to remove potential safety hazards.