DaVita (Shandong) Kidney Disease Hospital has Become an Excellent Strategic Partner of Biolight Group

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Davita (Shandong) Kidney Disease Hospital has always been closely following the forefront of science and technology, focusing on advanced medical technology and equipment in the field of dialysis, continuously upgrading equipment and optimizing diagnosis and treatment technology, and committed to providing more perfect and high-quality diagnosis and treatment services for all kidney patients. On the afternoon of October 31, Biolight Group held a strategic conference on hemodialysis in 2021 in Qingshan Conference Center of Suzhou. Zhang Xiaoyi, CEO of our hospital, attended the conference with other six colleagues. Davita (Shandong) Kidney Disease Hospital was rated as an excellent strategic partner of Biolight Group.

Ultrapure dialysis technique
Our hospital has reached strategic cooperation with Biolight Group through this conference, and has successfully introduced their DF210 dialysate filter, provide safe ultrapure dialysate, allowing the dialysis water reaches ultrapure dialysis level.

Differences between Standard Dialysate and Ultrapure Dialysate


Standard Dialysate

Ultrapure Dialysate

Total microbial count

? 100CFU/ml


Endotoxin Level

? 0.5EU/ml

? 0.03EU/ml

(CFU: colony-forming units; EU: endotoxin units)

Since kidney patients have to be exposed to more than 120L of dialysate for each dialysis, the quality of dialysis water is essential. Davita (Shandong) Kidney Disease Hospital has always been following the forefront of science and technology. We believe  this technology brings more efficient and safe dialysis diagnosis and treatment services to hundreds of kidney friends in our hospital. Our hospital fully responds to the call, always maintain the spirit of breaking, creative strength, diligent working style, seeking truth and being pragmatic, making continuous progress for the benefit of kidney patients!

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