Disinfection System in Dialysis Center

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Davita (Shandong) Kidney Disease Hospital has always strictly implemented its standardized blood purification disinfection and isolation system, because the standardized hospital system can guarantee of the life and health of dialysis kidney friends in the greatest extent and avoid cross infection. Our hospital has always implemented relevant health department systems, standardized the disinfection and hygiene standards in dialysis centers, strictly ensured the interval sterilization time in the machine, and all medical staff regularly drilled and 100% implemented the standard disinfection process of hemodialysis machines. Next, we simply sort out the disinfection and isolation system in the dialysis center to help everyone see a doctor at ease:

1.Disinfection management of air
The dialysis room is ventilated by opening windows 1-2 times a day for not less than 30 minutes each time. The treatment room is equipped with dynamic air purification disinfection equipment which will operate continuously during treatment. And the room will be sterilized by ultraviolet germicidal lamp for 1 hour after daily dialysis treatment.

2.Surface sterilization management in environment
At the end of daily work, the treatment environment and blood contaminated areas will be effectively disinfected by wiping with different concentrations of chlorine-containing disinfectants. Thoroughly clean and disinfect will be made once a week. Sanitary appliances are used in different areas, placed separately, soaked and disinfected with chlorine-containing disinfectant after use, and dried by hanging.

3.Disinfection management of bed sheets and other articles
After each patient's dialysis, the quilt is changed in time, and the bed sheet is disinfected by the ozone disinfector. Strictly disinfection is held in the articles used by patients, such as treatment car, sphygmomanometer, stethoscope, etc.

4.Dialysis machine disinfection
After each dialysis treatment, the internal tube (waterway) of dialysis machine is disinfected and removed to inspect the pressure sensor, confirm that there is no such dirt adhesion as foreign matter or blood stain, and the high-frequency contact site is wiped with chlorine-containing disinfectant or ethanol.
The exterior surfaces of the dialysis machine case and the stand are disinfected daily with chlorine-based disinfectant or ethanol.
The dialysis machine is disinfected with high concentration of chlorine-containing disinfectant after the tuberculosis patients using it.
In case of blood contamination, high-concentration chlorine-containing disinfectant is used for disinfection at any time.
The surface of the dialysis machine is thoroughly cleaned and the air filters cleaned weekly.

5.Division of infectious disease patients admitting
The patients are isolated and treated according to infectious disease kinds, special area for special purpose, and the isolation mark is hung at the door of ward. The wards are set in proper layout, with the cleaning and contamination separated as well as good ventilation, and the disinfection effect is monitored regularly.

The above is a brief disinfection and isolation system for blood purification centers, and this is one of the important links in terms of disinfection and hygiene in hospitals. All departments in our hospital have different disinfection and hygiene management systems. We attach great importance to related standards. For both the dialysis shift interval and daily hygiene control, the medical staff always put first the quality of life and health of kidney patients and strictly implement related standards, which is also the reason why we have been widely recognized and praised by the society in the past 17 years.