One for All, a Win-Win Future a complete successful equity delivery ceremony for DaVita & Baijun

Time: 2021-11-24Browse times: times

On the afternoon of November 23, 2021, DaVita, the international kidney care giant as well as Fortune 500 multinational enterprise, and Hunan Baijun Gaoke Medical Investment Management Co., Ltd. has successfully held an equity delivery ceremony in Changsha, Hunan.

The delivery ceremony was conducted both online and offline. Numerous distinguished guests from China and the abroad were invited: Mr Robert Lang, President and CEO of DaVita International; Mr Joseph soon, Head of Business Development and APAC; Mr Gerald Ang, General Manager China; Mr Zhang Qinghua, Chairman of Fangsheng Pharm; Mr. Tang Xuanwei, general manager, Founder and Chairman of Baijun Medical; Mr. Kelvin Leung, Senior Legal Counsel of DaVitaMr. Charles Yu, Special Projects Director of DaVitaMr. Koichiro Sato, broad members of DaVita Asia Pacific JV and leaders of relevant local departments and media reporters from all walks of life.

At the ceremony, DaVita, Fangsheng pharm and Baijun medical jointly signed the delivery documents. DaVita and Baijun medical will work together to achieve a win-win future. They will realize resource sharing and promote mutual complementary advantages based on the jointly recognized concept and vision. 

In the future, as the world's leading renal health care provider, DaVita will provide management consultancy services, implementing international best practices and enabling consistent high-quality care. The successful completion of this equity delivery ceremony opened a new chapter for both sides in terms of the strategy, investment and operation platform of China's renal dialysis industry in order to achieve mutual development and win-win cooperation.

DaVita China General Manager Gerald Ang comments, Our investment in Baijun Medical presents a unique opportunity to combine Baijun Medicals extensive local expertise with DaVitas global expertise in quality kidney care that will benefit patients in Hunan province.